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• 1-Classic Rk & Rk n Roll
• 2-Classic Hard Rock
• 3-Classic Rock
• 4-Hendrix Style
• 5-Blues, Rhythm & Blues
• 6-Guitar Sessions
• Volumes 1-6

• 1-Rock Land


• Volume 1 45-64 BPM
• Volume 2 66-74 BPM
• Volume 3 75-82 BPM
• Volume 4 83-120 BPM
• Volume 5 120-158 BPM
• Volumes 1-5 45-158 BPM


• Ambient Bass - Vol 1
• Electric Bass - Vol 2
• Slap Bass - Vol 3
• Volumes 1–3

• Electric Bass


• Cindee Sings! Vol 1
• Cindee Sings! Vol 2

• Ijah's Bag

• Hilarious Vol 1
• Hilarious Vol 2


• Rhythm & Grooves Vol 1
• Rhythm & Grooves Vol 2

• Swinglefunk Volume 1
• Swinglefunk Volume 2
• Swinglefunk Volume 3
• Swinglefunk Volumes 1–3


• Drum Language Vol 1
• Drum Language Vol 2
• Drum Language Vol 3
• Drum Language Vol 4
• Drum Language Vol 1 – 4




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Most titles have about 1 GB in 24 bit acidized wav files, or 600+ MB of 16 bit acidized wav files.You can download any title in either bit rate for $29.95.

You can also download sample packs with approximately 50 MB of 16 bit files for about $5.

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Acid Loops ::

Drum loops, Guitar loops, Bass loops, Vocal loops, keyboard loops and synth loops ... and lots of free loops. Free acid loops: free drum loops, free guitar loops- including free electric guitar loops (lots of great free rock guitar loops), free acoustic guitar loops or acoustic guitar samples, free vocal loops (lots of free female vocal samples), free bass loops, free keyboard loops, free loops of every kind... and in today’s hottest genres, including free hip hop beats, free rap beats, free R n B loops, free hard rock guitar loops, free slap bass loops, free slammin' drum loops and on and on. Our acid loops are fully acidized even the free loops, and the free loops are 16 and 24 bit "acidized" wav files - they're acid loops.

Our acid loops are 16 or 24 bit acidized wav files and optimized for Sony’s ACID program and compatible with many other music loops programs such as Logic, Sonar, Project 5, Live, Cubase, Fruity Loops, Soundtrack, and several others. The acid loops can also be used by any other program or synthesizer that can read wav files, which doesn’t leave out many… almost every medium today can use acid loops.

We have over 20,000 acid loops currently available. There are drum loops, electric, and acoustic guitars, bass loops galore. There are also a variety of keyboard loops like pianos, organs, and synthesizers, as well as vocal loops, atmospheres, and FX to use in your songs, and they’re all royalty free acid loops.

Lots of the latest genres are represented within our collection of sound loops, including the latest Hip Hop beats, R n B beats, Rap beats, and styles like Ambient, Chillout, House, Dance, Electro, Drum n Bass, and so on, as well as traditional genres like Rock, Jazz, Funk, Fusion, Ethnic, plus some TV and film oriented loops. Also, there are lots of our loops that are not genre specific and can be used effectively in many different musical genres. We even have 2 whole discs of acid loops of laughter that will sync with the beat of a song!

We try to continuously add more useful material, and provide consistently good acid loops at reasonable prices. They’re available as 16 or 24 bit files, and they are actually "acidized". All of our acid loops are meticulously edited and properly acidized.

We strive to include only those acid loops that are very tastefully played and also very tight to the beat. It’s difficult to tell if some audio loops are tight to the beat until you actually try using them in a song or even just play them along with some drum loops. Our acid loops have been rigorously checked for tightness with different drum loops in just that way to insure that they’ll work well with a variety of different music loops and not just the song that they originally came from.

Free Loops !

We'll be offering you new free loops every month as 16 bit and 24 bit acidized wav loops. Each month’s free acid loops will come from one specific disc, and as time goes on every disc will be represented in the free loops section. One month will be free drum loops another will be free guitar loops another free bass loops or free vocal loops and so on. Check out the free loops page right now!

Free loops are available for you to try out. I’m hoping that you’ll give some of our free loops a try… In your songs that is. So that you can see how versatile our acid loops really are, how well they sync up with different rhythms and instrument loops, and how well they have been played recorded, and edited. I’m hoping that you’ll notice a difference in our free loops and come here when you want to buy some of your acid loops, or even just come back for more free loops! What the hey, I don’t mind giving away some free loops even if you never buy any. I actually like giving stuff away just for the fun of it. It’s amazing how much more people enjoy their treasures when they find them for free… subscribe to our free newsletter to be notified when there are sales, pre release discounts, and more new free loops!

Acid Loops differ slightly from other loops because they have been “acidized” or optimized for ACID. This acidization makes the the acid loops sync in time with other acid loops and with the key of the song when used in ACID and other music loops programs that can read these extra very practical acid loops ingredients. It is an extremely useful ingredient to program into the files and it's actually what makes them "acid loops"... more on this

Drum Loops

Drum loops provide the primary rhythm for the song. They are the easiest music loops to use since there’s generally no key to them and there's no need to transpose them. With the flexibility of today’s loops programs and the availability of so many excellent drum loops and percussion loops, creating a really good rhythm track has become a relatively simple affair. Because of this these new and very cool drum beats have become a very prominent feature in a lot of today’s music. Drum loops started it all, but music loops of all kinds are driving the new genres.

Guitar Loops

Guitar loops are especially popular with digital studio musicians, since many of them are keyboard players, and guitar is a particularly difficult instrument to play well on a keyboard. Popping in a real guitarist with all the nuances of the actual instrument intact, adds a natural and organic flavor to a composition that might otherwise sound somewhat synthetic if made entirely on a synthesizer or sampler. Because of this we’ve focused a little more on guitars than some of the other instruments and we offer both acoustic guitar loops and electric guitar loops.

Vocal Loops

Vocal loops are the hook to lots of today's new music. Our vocal samples include both solos and vocal ensemble loops: multi part female harmonies to serve as background vocals, with the individual female vocal loops available to rearrange and reharmonize. There are jazzy adlibs, dance vocals, techno FX vocals, blues phrases, soft female background vocals and lots more...

Acid loops

Acid loops have become a basic element in music making today. Try some of our free loops. Try the free drum loops for starters, then try mixing in some of the free loops of other instruments and discover the beauty of acid loops!

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